a handicraft

When I first started reading about Charlotte Mason, I was drawn to many of her philosophies about what is developmentally appropriate for children.  I thought, “Here’s a woman who cared more about the child becoming a good adult, than a child being able to “perform” in academics.”  I liked her.

But the deal sincher was that she endorsed handicrafts and we all know how much I love an excuse to break out the hot glue gun.

I’m copying and pasting from our family blog the following “handicraft” we did during Spring Break this year for the Latter-Day Homeschooling Art Hop.  Since March was National Craft Month, we did something new and fun each week, but I thought this would be appeal to the LDS crowd.  We sang a familiar song, made a craft, and had a snack.  Good times were had by all.


more spring break crafts

Sunshine invited over a few friends during Spring Break for some crafty fun, old school-style.  Did you do this when you were younger?  I distinctly remember doing it at a Primary activity.

Because Pocket is OBSESSED with the all of the “popcorn” on the trees around town, we made our own little popcorn trees.

 The kiddles blew ink to make the tree


and then pasted popcorn on the branches.

You’ll notice that TLM isn’t in any of these photos. He went as fast as he could and then made off with his bowl of popcorn. Sunshine took her time – “One kernel for the tree and one kernel for me.”

I think they turned out nicely.


About sarah at sutton academy

I teach and co-administrate at Sutton Academy with my husband. We love the students as if they were our own, because they are.
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One Response to a handicraft

  1. rebecca says:

    I really like these! They are really pretty. We are definitely going to try these out! Thanks!

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